Saving teeth from extraction.

After your adult teeth have forced your baby teeth out of their way, your goal is to hold onto those permanent teeth for life. If infection reaches your inner tooth, this goal risks compromise.

Endodontic treatment can prevent you from losing a tooth.

Endodontics focuses on your dental pulp and tissues surrounding your tooth roots.

Digital X-Ray Imaging

Are teeth living and breathing?

You may not think of your teeth as a lively part of your body, and that’s correct when it comes to their enamel coating—but within each of your tooth roots is a surprisingly vast, hard-working system comprised of nerves and blood vessels.

Treating infected tooth roots

  • Deep decay, facial injury, or cracks in your teeth can cause infection.
  • Root canal treatment can remove infection and restore tooth roots.
  • After removing infected pulp and sterilizing the chamber, we’ll place a crown.
  • By keeping your tooth root in place, you preserve your jawbone’s density.

Root canals get you out of pain and save teeth!

Root Canal Illustration

Saving baby teeth from premature loss

While the idea that baby teeth are less important than adult teeth because they’re temporary is still pervasive, it’s false. When baby teeth leave the mouth too soon, adult teeth shift before poking through, which can increase the probability of your child needing orthodontic treatment.

Pulp therapy for small smiles

  • Root canals performed on baby teeth are called pulpotomies or pulpectomies.
  • When a tooth needs a root canal, it’s a dental emergency.
  • The infection within the tooth root can cause an abscess, which is dangerous.
  • The sooner infection is caught and treated, the better our chances of saving a tooth.

Help your smile stick with you a while.

Root canals, pulpotomies, and pulpectomies are performed to remove dangerous infection and help keep teeth in your mouth. If you’re experiencing any signs of oral infection, you should contact us immediately. We are on-call after hours for emergencies, so there’s no need to wait.

Did you know more than 15 million root canals are performed each year?

If your root canal needs backup

Though root canals are a very common treatment because they have a high success rate, certain factors can inhibit their effectiveness and lead to a need for endodontic surgery. New or recurrent decay can cause them to fail, or calcified root canals, among other things.

What endodontic surgery entails

  • Endodontic surgery is also called root end surgery or an apicoectomy.
  • Apicoectomies begin with numbing, then a small incision into gum tissue.
  • Through the small incision, we’ll remove inflamed and infected tissue and the root tip.
  • Sutures will be placed and healing will allow for new bone growth.

Keep your roots strong.
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