Sedation Dentistry

Facing dental fears & phobias.

If you feel anxious or afraid just thinking of picking up the phone to schedule a dental appointment, you’re not alone. Dental fears are common; luckily, so are ways to treat them!

Sedation dentistry helps patients get the care they need.

It’s been utilized in dental practices all over the world for decades.

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Dental fears are complicated

The plain truth is that dentistry is necessary healthcare. Your oral health is inextricably linked to your overall health, so avoiding the dentist puts both at risk. Unfortunately, the truth alone doesn’t alleviate dental fears and phobias.

What causes dental fears?

  • The sights, sounds, and smells of a dental office can be intense for sensitivities.
  • Negative past experiences can create deep-seated dental fears.
  • Shame or embarrassment surrounding the appearance of your smile can also cause anxiety.
  • Additionally, sensitive gag reflexes and TMJ disorders can make dental care a challenge.

You don’t have to let your fears rule you any longer.

Relaxation in the dental chair

We’re here to provide the most positive dental experiences possible, and this mission is made easier with the assistance of nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a safe form of light sedation that just requires you to breathe in and out.

The benefits of nitrous oxide

  • Nitrous oxide is administered through a small facial mask.
  • Nitrous oxide has very light analgesic (pain relieving) effects.
  • The effects of nitrous oxide kick in and subside quickly.
  • Opting for nitrous oxide doesn’t require transportation to and from your appointment.

Leave your fear of the dentist behind.

Millions of people have been able to get the dental care they need with the assistance of light sedation. Prove to yourself that you can be one of them!

A pleasant dental visit is in your future.
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